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The Book of Me, Part 13: Dinner Party with Special People

This is my entry prompted by The Book of Me, Written By You project created by Julie Goucher of the Anglers Rest blog. The concept: a series of blogging and writing prompts that help family historians capture their own memories and write about themselvesGo to for more information.

The continuation of the 15 month, weekly writing project about my life and memories, created by Julie Goucher.

This week’s prompt (prompt 13) is Special People / Iconic Figures

If you had to hold a dinner party and could invite a maximum of 12 special people who would you invite?

You can NOT include family in this – the special people could be famous or historical people.

What meals would you serve and why.

Perhaps include the recipe or a photo if you decided to actually cook the items!

So imagine you've won this amazing gift....the ability to invite 12 people (non-related), dead or alive, to a party.  It sounds wonderful, but it's amazing to me what kind of emotions this dredged up, many of them negative.  I'm assuming it's because I'm chronically ill and have been having lots of health issues lately, and I suspect I'm suffering from some depression, and we all know that your entire world view is impacted by that state of mind.  

However, I'm trying to shake it off and dig deep....remembering being asked a similar question in the past, and knowing that there were some people who always made my list.  I've taken off some people that I would just badger, and being the type of people they are, I doubt that their answers to any questions from me would make me feel any better, so I've removed them in an effort to make this more positive.

Know that my requirements for my guests is that speak the truth, and I have the right to send anyone home at any point in the dinner party, either because I don't like them, their answers, or whatever.  It is my house and my party, after all.  Everybody needs to play nice.
I know, without a doubt, that my first choice for a guest would be Jesus.  He is the center of my life, gives me peace and assurance, and of course, my salvation.  Everyone else would be secondary.  I sincerely doubt I would care about the presence of anyone else if He was there. But rather than turn this into a post about my religious beliefs, I'm moving on to the list of other guests, a list, which you'll see, reflects my passion for history, music, sports and some sense of morality:

George Washington  
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I want to know about how you and the Founding Fathers established our government, the sacrifices you made, and to tell you how thankful I am for your integrity and dedication to our country. You were offered the title of "King," but turned it down because it went against everything they were trying to accomplish in terms of a democracy.  What do you think of where we are today? Is there hope for us?

Ronald Reagan
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I know you made mistakes, but I admire you so much. What led you to become a Republican after years as a Democrat? I want to ask what you would do differently, what your concerns are for the USA, and if you can identify reasons why we've fallen so far as a nation, as compared to when you were in office. I'd also like to know about your and wife Nancy's love affair and how it endured.

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Lee Harvey Oswald
What was your real role in killing JFK? Who else was involved? What was the reason?  You don't get to stay for dinner, by the way.

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Billy Graham
Help me to love the Lord as much as you do, and be comfortable in sharing my faith. Tell me what you think of the current state of morality (or lack thereof), and how I should responsibly react to it. Give me advice to live a more Christ-like life--resisting temptation, making sacrifices, handling doubt. I love others, and I know that's a big deal--but I want to do more. How did you come to faith, how did you nurture it, and what do you think of today's modern churches and preachers?

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Walter Payton
As a total Chicago Bears (NFL) football fanatic, one of the happiest days of my life was when the Bears won the Super Bowl back in the 1985 season. Walter, you were a workhorse, easily standing out as the star player with, at times, mediocre teammates.  You were denied the opportunity to score a touchdown in that Super Bowl game, a fact that coach Mike Ditka says he regrets to this day. What motivated you, Walter? Do you know how much you continue to mean to Chicago fans everywhere? Just to be in your presence would be an honor for me.  I cried the day you died and miss you to this day.

Photo Courtesy of
Tom Landry (former coach of the Dallas Cowboys)
First, I just want to tell you that although I detest the Cowboys today, when you were in charge, it was a different story.  I admired you, your integrity, your skills and your rules of conduct for your players.  Is there any hope for professional sports?  Now, they're all filled with spoiled rich kids who father countless children, commit felonies, take performance enhancing drugs, play dirty and have egos the size of Texas.  How did it get this way, what would you do, and should I give up on sports?  I'm about ready to.

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The Beatles
To provide the entertainment.  And I'd ask all of you, how did you get your creative motivation?  Are you sorry you broke up? How much did fame change you, and would you do things differently, knowing what you know now?  What do you think of today's music and musicians (for some we use that term rather loosely)?  Please perform "Something," "Yesterday," "In My Life," and "If I Fell" for me, would you please?  You guys are the bomb.  If you're still full of yourselves, however, you don't get dessert.

I thought about including some of today's political leaders but I'm so unhappy with the way they are running our government that I thought it would ruin the party.  Suffice it to say, Mr. President and Congress, administration members (i.e. Secretary of State), foreign leaders, etc., the only conversation you would get from me would be filled with rage and accusations, so I've left you off the guest list.  You're not listening to me or any of the people of this country anyway.

I'm not cooking.  I'll find a good caterer and get some good stuff brought in.  Paul McCartney--I'll make sure there is a fine vegan meal for you.  Better yet,  Jesus could just turn a basket full of fish and bread into a gourmet meal and turn some water into wine.  (He's done that kind of thing before.)  We'll be all set.  But, after re-reading my list, I think I just need guest number 1.  He could answer all the questions anyway (since He is omniscient) and then I wouldn't be limited to any topic.  So in addition to the questions I had for my guests, I'd ask this burning question: Will the Chicago Cubs ever win the World Series again?  1908 was their last championship.  Witnesses to that event are long gone. My late grandfather was realistically, I knew no one who was there when it happened.  I keep trying to tell myself I don't care, but deep down, I do.  My fellow long-suffering Cub fans can relate.  But of course, there are more important things in life than the Cubs, which is why I invited the guests I did.  I think it will be a great party!  I want to see George Washington dance to the Beatles....

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